Are you a Dragon?

Charleston Courage Archery Team

The Charleston Courage Archery Team is a place for all adult and youth archers ages 9-20 (with opportunities for archers ages 6-8 coming soon!) Under the umbrella of Charleston Archery “The Courage” is a place to grow skills, confidence, and friendships. Archers have the opportunity to compete under the banner of the “The Courage” in a variety of different state-wide archery events with three different national archery organizations, including one dedicated solely to youth archery. No one is required to compete, but competition is encouraged, because tournaments are great places to meet great people and make new friends.

What is the schedule, how about the time commitment?

Archery is almost a year-round sport, but divided into different seasons. Practices for youth archers are every Thursday at PSA Summerville but don’t worry if you have to miss an occasional practice, just stay in touch with us because we miss you when you’re not here! We do have optional “fun shoots” away from our regular range. This might be a trip to Johns Island to shoot at the outdoor range or a mixer with another team or club.

Tournaments are one day only on Saturdays, and usually within a two and a half hour drive. Archers competing in S3DA tournaments must compete in one regional tournament to qualify to compete in the state tournament. There are many regional opportunities and a total of three state tournaments per year. Other opportunities include SC Archery Association tournaments which can be shot with the whole family, and USA Archery tournaments, recommended for experienced archers age 12 and up.

Do I need my own bow?

Not at first. Archers age 11 and under are welcome to use a bow owned by Charleston Archery, but must recognize that they may have to share. We do encourage archers age 12 and up to explore different types of bows, and get their own. Starting at age 12 the competition distances are further, and having the consistency to practice with their own equipment will help.

Archers will need to provide some of their own personal equipment, such as a hip quiver, arrows, and a glove, tab, or release. Links will be provided for items unavailable for purchase at PSA.

How much does it cost?

We understand that youth sports can be very expensive, and to that end we try to make the costs as reasonable and spread out as possible.

Range Pass- $50 every 12 months

S3DA Annual Membership- $30

USA Archery Youth Trial Membership-Free for 12 months

Team Jersey-$65 one time

Personal Equipment- Approximately $100

one time

Seasonal Team Fee-$60/quarterly

Entry Fee/ Tournament-varies- max of $250/ year

What are the opportunities for adults? 

Adult archers are welcome to join us at our optional events, and will be added to our Roster and team communication App. Adult archers are required to join NFAA/ SCAA ($60.00/12 months) and list Charleston Archery Club as their primary club. And yes, you can also purchase and wear a Dragon Jersey. All the cool kids have one.

How do we actually sign up?

Reach out to Coach Anna at or text to 843.813.5183 to help you determine your archer’s shooting class. You will need that later.

Register your youth archer on Sport180 by going to and click on “Find a Team” This will allow you to start the registration process. Make sure you create the account for your archer, not yourself.

Once you have your archers membership number email it to Anna. You will get a confirmation email with instructions for seasonal sign up.

Register your archer’s youth trial membership for USA Archery at: 

Still have questions? Just come to a Thursday practice and see what it’s about! Archers ages 9-11 practice at 4:15-5:15, Compound archers practice at 5:15-6:30, Recurve archers practice from 6:15 to 7:30.

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